Dear Participants and Families,

The current Victorian outbreak is a reminder that Covid-19 can turn up anywhere at any time.

Life Choice continues to put strategies in place to protect participants and staff. These include:

  • Using the Queensland government app  and temperature checks for all visits to the Hervey Bay and Maryborough offices
  • Logging details of all visitors to our Supported Independent Living (SIL) residences
  • Constant monitoring of government websites for updates, directions and advice
  • Responding quickly to any changes regarding Covid in the Fraser Coast region when required (E.g staff who can working from home, cessation of groups, ceasing onsite meeting etc)

  • Ensuring sufficient supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the event it may be required

  • Ensuring staff are informed and competent in infection control and Covid safety
  • Monitoring staff who may have travelled to a hotspot such as Victoria

  • Continuing with extra cleaning

All participants and staff continue to be encouraged to practice good hand hygiene, keep 1.5 meters distant from others (where possible), ensure good cough etiquette, sign in to all venues and if unwell, stay home and get tested.

Participants, families and staff are strongly encouraged to have the Covid vaccination and also the flu vaccination.  It is expected that this flu season may be as serious as the 2019 flu season.  Flu vaccinations are available at GPs and pharmacies.  Covid and flu vaccinations should be spaced at least two weeks apart. 

Please follow the links below to stay up to date about Covid and how it might affect you

Kind Regards,

Karen Owens

Chief Executive Officer

Life Choice