We tailor our services to your needs. Here is a broad description of our services arranged by age-group.

Early Childhood 0-6

Young Adult 18-24

Primary 6-12

Independent 24+

Teens 13-18


Everyday Learning Opportunities

Everyday Learning Opportunities are regular group activities focused on specific skills development in line with participant’s interests. With a diverse range of activities that are continually growing, there is something for everyone.

Everyday Cooking

Everyday Funky Craft

Everyday Pallet Products

Market Day Cooking

Everyday Words and Numbers

Everyday Money


Everyday Colouring


Everyday Movement

Everyday Music

For some people, the social aspect of participating is their motivation.  Connecting with other participants and the community provides enormous benefits and increased social skills.  For others, the development of sharing ideas and opinions, learning new skills and challenging themselves are also valuable outcomes of the activities.

Everyday Learning Opportunities are a 6 or 13 week commitment from participants, depending on the activity and are based at the Hive in our Maryborough office or the Hub in the Hervey Bay office. Most are one day per week, for 3- 4 hours and are paid for using participants existing support funding or fee for service.   Everyday Learning Opportunities are a group support activity, at a ratio of 3:1, therefore the cost is less than 1:1 support, which may allow participants to experience a greater range of activities with their support hours.


The Shed is a fully functioning skill development workshop equipped with everything you would expect to see in a woodworking workshop. Hand and power tools, racks of timber, saw dust and all the appropriate protective equipment provides a safe environment for participants to develop their skills. Participants use building and finishing techniques to plan, schedule and construct ‘pallet products’ furniture.

Participants in The Shed have the opportunity to create almost anything from the wooden pallets. Items such as planter boxes, picture frames, wine racks and coffee tables are all part of the popular items constructed by The Shed.  Custom projects of all shapes and sizes are also welcome. Participants and customers can bring a product design they have found and The Shed will assist to make it.

Participants are supported in groups of 3-4 to develop their skills in the design, construction and finishing of all things created with the timber pallets. Combined with the interaction in a workplace environment provides a unique and positive experience for personal growth and development of the participants. Developing skills in communication, attention to detail, concentration and time management are all a part of a day in The Shed.

If you like to build and fix things, or just want to try something new, The Shed is the place for you.