The NDIS guidelines allow funding for transport assistance if the participant cannot use public transport without substantial difficulty due to their disability.  Funding takes into account any relevant taxi subsidy scheme, and it does not cover transport assistance for carers to transport their family member with a disability for everyday commitments.

How transport is funded under NDIS has been a contentious point for some time and has forced some NDIS participants to re-evaluate and plan their supports differently.  Unfortunately, it has also led to some creative and unorthodox methods from providers ‘working the system’ outside of the NDIS Guidelines.  If a provider claims payment from a participants Core Supports Funding for transport costs, without approval from the NDIA, it is fraud.

Participants who require transport funding which is not allocated in their NDIS plan, can request a plan review for a transport budget to be included into their Core Supports.  Only then, once approved by the NDIA can providers claim for transport costs associated with the supports they deliver.

The latest NDIS Pricing Guide explains it best on page 16,17 & 18.  “If a provider incurs costs, in addition to the cost of a worker’s time, when accompanying and/or transporting participants in the community (such as cost of ticket for public transport), they may negotiate with the participant for them to make a reasonable contribution towards these costs. A participant’s support budget may include funding for transport, and this funding can be used for these types of contributions, which should be clearly specified in the service agreement.”

The NDIS Pricing Guide can be found here