Life Choice’s team of Early Childhood Intervention Specialists are known as Key Workers. They provide a quality early childhood intervention that supports children up to six years who have or are at risk of significant developmental delay and disability.  They support by working directly with families and their child to the environment that works best for you and your family. We believe that you are an expert to your child so we work in partnership with you to address concerns affecting your child’s social, emotional, communication, cognitive, behavioural and physical development.

Life Choice Key Workers also work with other specialists, such as other Speech Pathologists; Early Intervention Teachers; Social Workers; Occupational Therapists; and, Physiotherapists,

Although each specialist has a specific professional background, they are highly skilled in all developmental areas, and support each other as a team working with children and families. Where a child and family need help in areas not entirely covered by Life Choice, we help with connections to other services.

Sarah is the Physiotherapist in our team.  Sarah has worked most of her career in the disability sector. Sarah works with children to promote optimum physical function and development, so that children have more choices in how and where they move, encouraging independence and active participation at home, school, in the community, and in recreational activities with friends.

Sarah can:

  • Work with parents / carersto find fun ways to support a child’s physical development and movement, such as rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, walking, jumping, hopping and climbing.
  • Assist with physical skills such as strength, endurance, walking difficulties, difficulties associated with tone, balance and coordination. They will work with parents / carers to help a child to develop these skills at home, the local park, pre-school, swimming lessons, kindergarten and school.
  • Provide support strategies that include:
    • Parent education and support
    • 24 hour positioning care
    • Handling – manual and therapeutic
    • Facilitation of motor skills
    • Enabling participation in activities of daily living and functional skills
    • Mobility ( floor mobility)
    • Aquatic physiotherapy/Hydrotherapy
    • Respiratory care
    • Equipment prescription including complex seating needs in wheelchair, stroller, walking aides & therapy aides

If you have any questions about Allied Health, Early Childhood Early Intervention or Physiotherapy, please get in contact with us.